General Admission

Saturday, June 22nd Day Tickets for General Admission.

Seminars Package

All Day Educational Seminars on Friday, June 21st, All Access Saturday, June 22nd and Sunday Funday, June 23rd. Camping available Thursday, June 20th to Monday, June, 24th.

Greenwaters 3 Day Camping Package

Camping in the Main Venue, Friday, June 21st through Monday, June 24th.

Old Mill 3 Day Camping Package

Off Site Camping 1/2 Mile from Event Venue, Friday, June 21st through Monday, June 24th.


Stay a little longer to camp with us in "Linger Longer" through Wednesday, June 26th, or make a Donation.



Boy howdy does this event take a lot to put on and if you're feeling generous we can always use a little extra help from anyone willing to give a little.

We started this event to help stimulate the small local economy of Oakridge and to give nomads or those interested in an alternative way of living, an event to learn, connect and explore.

We're still in the incubation stages of getting this event fully self sufficient and if you'd like to support our efforts to keep it running year after year, we'd love the support. Big hugs!

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Service animals however are not allowed in any of the Skoolies out of respect of the owners private home (RV) and pets or children they may have on board.

Pets ARE allowed outside of the event in the park and camping areas but must obey City leash law ordinances.

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